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7650 Chippewa Rd., Brecksville, Ohio 44141
Phone:  440-554-0670  • Fax:  440-638-4701

Crowne Plaza - Cleveland Airport
7203 Engle Road, Middleburg Hts, OH 4413

72 Hour DIP Costs

$275.00 Shared Room (limited) - 3 person limit per room

$375.00 Double Room

$525.00 Single Room

Crowne Plaza, Cleveland Airport

2018 Driver Intervention Program

Hotel Comfort and Hospitality 
Starting at $275.00 - Shared Room(limited)
(no hidden charges)

 2018 Dates:
January 25-28
July 19-22
February 22-25 August 9-12
March 22-25 September 20-23
April  26-29 October 18-21
May 10-13 November 8-11
June 21-24 December 13-16

DIP Services:

  • 72 Hour Driver Intervention Program
  • Assessment
    • Discount with DIP Attendance
     Strongsville, Cleveland and Brecksville locations
  • 2-Pt. Remedial Course
    6-20 Hour Education Services
  • Substance Abuse Professional Services (S.A.P.)
    for meeting safety sensitive positions requirements and D.O.T. expectations
  • 6 Hour Diversion Program (SDP)

Administration Services:

  • Easy Online Registration
  • We personally handle all DIP court paperwork
  • Free Screenings with DIP attendance
  • 25 Years Professional Experience in Human
    Service Field
  • Professionally Trained and State Certified Staff

Personal checks
 MUST be received 10 DAYS prior to start of DIP selected date to secure reservation. Credit Cards, Money Orders, and Cash MUST be received 5 DAYS PRIOR to start of DIP selected date to secure reservations. There is a service charge for use of credit card:  $10.00 for shared and double rooms, $15.00 for single room. 


Located at the Crown Plaza, Clevelans Airport  

7203 Engle Road
Middleburg Hts, OH 4413

(click here for map/directions)

Free professionally catered meals

Free screenings

Cell phones and laptops allowed
25 years professional experience
in the Human Service field

On-sight Hotel Security

Airport Shuttle Service
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